Or, possibly, My Deaths, and What Happened After. The title is still somewhat nebulous, though the subtitle is fairly set: tale of an autoscopath.

A sequel to You Don’t Know Jack that is set before, during, and after Jack, though not necessarily in that order. Apologies for the vague plot summary below; given the interweaving of the plot with Jack, providing any detail (even the main character’s name) would constitute spoilers.


You know how in every amnesiac story there’s a shadowy group trying to take them down which is also somehow connected with the amnesiac’s past?

Dragonfall shines a light on this shadowy mob, telling the story of that organisation through the eyes of one of their members. From dilapidated beginnings, they build power and recruit new members. They chase down the protagonists of Jack and deal with the book’s aftermath, but notions of right and wrong, victim and perpetrator become questioned as history repeats itself.

The world isn’t quite so black and white when you’re the one being watched…

Also car chases, secret underground lairs, warehouse fights, explosions, and jokes about how, even in a team of unstoppable badasses, someone has to arrange the laundry roster.