Deicide, Vampire Confessions, and the Legacy of the Brethertons

This time, everybody dies…

Deicide eBook v3

[Warning: Serious spoilers for Fratricide below. You have been warned.]

These events brought James Paddington to a long stone bridge at night, cradling the corpse of a man he killed: a war of vampire and werewolf and man. A prophecy, made by a God that others call devil, that he would kill his brother and defile his wife. The murder of most of the members of his once-proud werewolf pack. His pregnant wife abandoning him to join his enemies for fear of him. His team of friends shattered by lies and secrets.

These things brought James Paddington to the bridge where he died.

For most people, they would be enough. They would be enough that, even if there were an afterlife, it surely must be a more pleasant place than among the living. They would be enough that even if there were a way back, they wouldn’t take it. It couldn’t be worth the risk or the pain.

James Paddington is not most people.

Not that coming back from the dead is easy. And there’s always consequences for making deals with the Gods…

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3 responses to “Deicide

  1. Daniela Vega-Heim

    I happened on Bovicide, Zombie Diaries,….. and Fratricide, Werewolf wars…. by chance in my nook shop, and LOVED them. Now I can’t wait for the next book. Please, please hurry! I must know what happens to Paddington.

  2. What a whirlwind! Thank you for a great trilogy. No-one was what they seemed and EVERYONE died. I love it.

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