You Don’t Know Jack

Tale of an amnesiac.

He comes to beside a boring road in the middle of the Outback. No memory. No idea how he came to be standing there. Dressed in black military fatigues with a multi-headed dragon emblazoned on the chest.

There’s probably a story here. Some labrynthine saga of betrayal and loss, conspiracy, murder, something. Not that he cares. Much better to put the silly Americans with the geckos on their uniforms behind him and start afresh with the first hot chick who comes his way.

After all, what kind of idiot would get a fresh shot at life like this and run toward the people trying to hunt down and imprison or murder him? What kind of person wants to know who they used to be, if that person is the kind of man who gets hunted down and imprisoned or murdered?

You don’t have to be a mind reader to know that’s a bad idea.

But he is.


Current Status:

Finished writing. Finished editing. Then I started the sequel…

Coming when the sequel is finished editing and I’ve checked I didn’t contradict myself too massively or too often.

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