Fratricide, Werewolf Wars, and the Many Lies of Andrea Paddington

 Apocalypse: keep it in the family.

Fratricide Cover eBook

It’s been three years since Adonis Andraste and his family of vampires tried to fulfil an ancient prophecy that would destroy the world. Three years of relative peace. Chief Constable Paddington was almost starting to think that the hard times were over. That he could settle down with his wife. Think about starting a family.

Unfortunately, family and Paddington don’t go well together. His mother’s dying words – “Tell Adonis I was right” – still haunt him. Kind of traumatic, that, especially since his father died of a heart attack just a few days after Paddington’s birth. Yeah, family’s never been his strong suit, but Paddington is about to become a dad himself. Happy day.

Except of course it isn’t, because the vampires have broken the truce and taken over a small seaside town. And the Supernatural Help and Investigation Team are demanding Paddington join them as their vampire expert. And the rest of the werewolf pack wants to go howling after the vampires for revenge. So to speak.

Oh, and there’s some question about Paddington’s father’s death. Specifically, whether it actually… happened.

Just like old times, then. Still, at least there isn’t a prophecy foretelling the end of the world…


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One response to “Fratricide

  1. Marc Dorais

    Just finished your second book! That was really good! I’m learning to read in english (I’m french-canadian) and that was a nice way to do it. I love how you “redid” the horror thing in your way, it didn’t looks like nothing I ever read. Bravo! Can’t wait to finish the triology!

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