How I Saved the World and Died Trying

How I Saved the World and Died Trying… Several Times :
a Catalogue of Failure

The World Eaters; book 2


Other titles might include

Saving the World and Dying Trying : a Catalogue of Failure


My Deaths, and What Happened After : Tale of an Autoscopath.


Henry Taylor dies in the desert, exploded into pieces by a mass murderer with telekinetic abilities.

He was trying to stop him. He failed. He always fails.

This is the story of what happened before and what happens after. The story of the creation of the Dragons, and of their downfall. The story of their successes, and of their defeats.

The story of why, in both cases and most of the time, it was all Henry’s fault…

A sequel to You Don’t Know Jack that is set before, during, and after Jack, though not necessarily in that order. As such, it takes a while to keep the continuity straight. Some people might say “That’s probably why no one does stories like this”, and they’d be right. It makes things much harder for yourself.


Current Status:

29/10/22: Final major/hard-copy edit completed.

Next: Type up those edits; create ebook; final proof-read.

You Don’t Know Jack is actually likely to be published soon (hopefully this year?!?!); I’ll probably publish this one a year after Jack. Don’t want to flood the market. Hah.