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Hello and welcome to StephenBills.com!

Stephen is an Adelaide-based writer of comedy novels. On this site you’ll find everything related to Stephen Bills: synopses of his published books, links to where you can download or buy them, and information about his upcoming titles.

If you’re new here, head over to the About page to find out more about what Steve writes (comedic speculative fiction) and what it’s like to be him (pretty great, mostly). You may even occasionally have a chance to decide what he works on next!

Have a look around, drop a comment if you feel so inclined, and enjoy your stay. Try to ignore the ads; I already make a loss just keeping this site existing, so I’m not paying for the ad-free version. Sorry. If it’s any consolation, I make absolutely no money from the ads so they’re annoying all of us equally.

And remember: StephenBills.com is 100% fat free. We promise.*


*Not a real promise.


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